In order to maximize social distancing and provide the most luxurious tickles, all services are currently by appointment only with at least one hour notice.
30 minute Tickle/Hairplay
$74.99 (included)
60 minute Long Tickle/Hairplay
$109.99 (included)

Want discounts but not ready for membership? Try our Four-Play packages. These never expire and can be used over any length of time.

  • Four 25 minute sessions for $299.99 
  • Four 50 min sessions for $399.99 


Become a member of The Tickle Bar and get the following benefits:

10% discount on any additional products or services

Once Monthly
Package $74.99 Receive one 30 min tickle
per month
Once Monthly LONG
Package $109.99 Receive one 60 min tickle
per month
Twice Monthly
Package $129.99 Receive two 30 min tickle
per month
Twice Monthly LONG
Package $209.99 Receive two 50 min tickle
per month
Not ready for a monthly membership? Buy FOUR 25 min sessions
for $299.99 or FOUR 50 min
sessions for $399.99
Please arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to ensure a full session.

Our Cancellation and No-Show Policies

If you cancel an appointment, there is a 50% cancellation fee taken from your payment. We will refund 50% back to you. If you are a no-show, there is no refund or credit.
There is a $30 charge for cancellations. You will not lose the appointment from your package.
There is a $30 charge for no-shows, and you will lose the missed appointment from the package.

Member referral program

You are the best source of referrals. To show appreciation, when you introduce a new member to the Tickle Bar you’ll receive 50% off a 25 minute Tickle/Hairplay credit. 

Membership cancellation is easy as long as you write an official 30-day-advance notice letter and bring it to the Tickle Bar in person. 

The Tickle Bar walk-in appointments are welcome at most locations. Clients who have pre-booked massages ahead of time do get first priority, but all available therapists are generally happy to meet new clients in between their scheduled appointments.

What Payment Methods Does the Tickle Bar Accept?

  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • FSA or HSA funds: Use your FlexCard to pay from your Health Savings Account or Flexible Savings Account. Or, pay out-of-pocket and save the receipts for reimbursement from your FSA or HSA plan later. Customers must clear such payments with their individual providers.

How Much To Tip At The Tickle Bar?

  • For a 50 minute Tickle, $7 to $10 an hour is a recommended amount to show your appreciation. Although, no such tip is required. $4 to $8 for a 25 min Tickle.