We offer you two goosebump inducing services: Hair play and back tickling


Hair Play

In 25 or 50 minute sessions

It’s relaxing and can immediately put you into a Zen-like state. Remember when you were a child and you would braid each other’s hair, or enjoy a parent brushing through your locks? We do, and we want you to experience this whenever the mood strikes. We have a variety of combs and devices, or you may prefer the simple touch.


Back Tickle

In 25 and 50 minute sessions

Ever wanted your back tickled but your partner just didn’t seem interested and your kids could no longer be bribed? We understand! Come to us whenever the urge strikes. We specialize in soft, long, shiver-inducing strokes and tracing that will release every ounce of tension from your body. We concentrate on the back, arms and neck. Give us feedback. If you are especially ticklish and would prefer a more basic scratch, we are happy to accommodate your request. See on our Techniques page to see which routines you can choose from.


Ticklegrams: send a back tickle, rosé, ice cream to that friend needing a smile

Can’t decide between them? Ask for half and half of both services. We love to indulge and pamper.